B Sharp's custom pedals are made from the highest quality components and are created with the working musician in mind. We have built many clones of famous pedals, usually improving them in some way in the process. We've also built all kinds of custom circuits for various purposes such as microphone and instrument preamps, oscillators, etc.


The Malazadas is two distinct tools housed in the same box. The right side is an excellent-sounding clean boost, offering 19dB of gain, which is great for pushing your amp a little harder. The left side is a nice sounding overdrive/ distortion, for pushing your amp the rest of the way over the cliff of tone. Both sides feature independent true bypass switching, so you can use either one individually, or switch them both on for a stacked gain sound. The Malazadas costs $225 shipped to anywhere in the continental US.

Our intention with this pedal was to design a circuit that wouldn't squash the sound of a really nice guitar through a really nice amp, while allowing you to boost the volume level (and harmonic content, too, on the distortion side). We are quite satisfied with the results of our 1.5 years of development!

Controls are (right to left), boost, gain, master volume.

The MALAZADAS is (or has been) played by members of Battles, Ted Leo, Deer Tick, Tinsel Teeth, Sweetthieves, Alec K Redfearn & the Eyesores and more. The fine folks at MachinesWithMagnets use our pedal quite frequently.

Grim Rimmer!!!!!

Our second pedal, the Grim Rimmer, is a fuzz pedal with a few strange twists- you could call it a harmonic subtraction fuzz! At low gain settings it sounds like a broken speaker, and at higher settings it's a really heavy psychedelic-sounding classic fuzz. Play some leads higher up on the neck, and you'll get a really cool 60's octave fuzz effect. It also acts like a gate, cutting off the lowest-energy signals which means that it will NEVER feed back even with your amp cranked to 11! The most unique feature is the way the circuit treats harmonics- Play single notes and it sounds like a thick fuzz, but if you play chords with lots of open strings and weird intervals you get this strange intermodulated distortion sound, kind of like white noise. You really have to hear it to get it! The Grim Rimmer costs $185 shipped in the continental US.

With the Ring Mod circuit switched out, the Rimmer produces a thick, midrangey distortion/fuzz, suitable for guitar, bass, synths or anything else you can plug into it!

***Now shipping version 2.5, which is even synthy-er and more buttery smooth than the original!***

***and features a footswitch to switch the ring mod circuit in/out***

The right footswitch is bypass, the left is to switch the Ring Mod in/out. Controls are gain/sensitivity on the right, and volume on the left.

The Black Box

Our newest pedal is a basic clean boost in a small enclosure. There are a lot of them out there, but ours is the best! We use the best metal film resistors and capacitors, high quality 22 gauge wire, Neutrik 1/4" jacks, and 3PDT switching for true bypass operation. This is the same boost we put in the Malazadas, in a smaller box. Maximum available boost is 19 dB. The Black Box costs $165 shipped in the continental US.

[picture coming soon!]

We are accepting paypal and phone orders for the Malazadas, the Grim Rimmer, and the Black Box.  Call  the shop at  (401) 223-2112 during normal business hours, or click on the "Buy Now" button for the pedal you want.

We accept credit card, paypal, check or money order. Personal checks require a waiting period. Canadian and other world citizens please call or email for a shipping quote.